Teach the world’s most transformative exercise

MINDSET’s Toronto-based 200-hour teacher training program blends together the latest neuroscience & psychology research, ancient wisdom, mindset coaching, technology, and best practices in teaching mindfulness to the world’s top performers across business and sport.
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Be at the forefront of the mental fitness movement.

MINDSET wants to enable some exceptional individuals to spread and teach the practice of mindfulness meditation to thousands of new people.

Whether you want to be embarking on a career in meditation leading guided classes and/or coaching individuals, or just deepening your own personal practice, MINDSET’s unique 200-hour teacher training program will help you embark on an exciting new career in the fastest-growing trend in fitness.

What’s included in the program

200-hour, 4-module curriculum from January through April 2019

5-month unlimited membership to MINDSET brain gym

A winter weekend retreat in a beautiful Muskoka cottage

A new MINDSET Journal and 5 required reading books

Muse™ brain sensing headband

MINDSET 200-hr Meditation Teacher Certificate

*Graduating does not guarantee employment at MINDSET. It does mean we back that you’re trained to teach and get paid to do it, and we’ll even give you the business skills to make that happen.

$3,500 $2,500 Early bird pricing if you apply by December 1st

$500 deposit due upon acceptance to the program
$1000 due December 15th, $1000 due January 31st

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MINDSET brain gym is in the process of registering as a certified educational institution with the Canadian Ministry of Employment and Social Development to qualify for educational tax deductions.

Canada’s most comprehensive meditation teacher training

Module 1: Foundations of Mindfulness Meditation

What meditation, mindfulness, and mental fitness is and isn’t

Building a deep daily meditation practice and tools to overcome obstacles

The history and philosophy of different meditation lineages and methodologies

A comprehensive background of the neuroscience and research of meditation

Overview of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Overview of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Loving-kindness

Overview of Performance Mindfulness programs (mPEAK + MSPE)

Overview of corporate mindfulness programs

Module 2: Teaching and Guiding Meditation

The components, structure, and ethics of mindfulness instruction

Finding your voice as a teacher and building your brand

Best practices in teaching mindfulness to A-types and skeptics

Helping answer common questions and resolving common issues students face

Module 3: Optimizing Brain Health & Cognitive Performance

Cultivating flow states, focus, and supercharging productivity

Proper brain health through nutrition, sleep, and exercise

Mindful goal-setting and athletic visualization techniques

The science of breaking bad habits and forming healthy new ones

Module 4: Coaching Mindset and Philosophy

Embodying growth and abundance mindsets

Journaling for self-discovery and self-mastery

History & principles of ancient Stoic philosophy

Exploring the nature of consciousness and perception

Bonus Module: Muse™ Training

Integrating the Muse™ brain sensing headband into teaching and coaching and interpreting results

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Tentative schedule

Observation & Personal Practice: 50 hours


Module 1: 60 hours

Weekend of January 12th-13th, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of January 19th-20th, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of January 26th-27th, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of February 2nd-3rd, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of February 16th-17th, 1pm-7pm

Module 2: 40 hours

Intensive Retreat Weekend: February 8th-10th
Weekend of February 23rd-24th, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of March 2nd-3rd, 1pm-7pm

Modules 3+4: 50 hours

Weekend of March 9th-10th, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of March 16th-17th, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of March 30th-31st, 1pm-7pm
Weekend of April 13th-14th, 1pm-7pm

Apply now

Apply for admission to MINDSET’s freshman class.

We’re accepting 16 applicants to our inaugural Winter 2018 program. Candidates should be familiar with MINDSET’s offerings and classes and maintain a regular meditation practice.

Deadline by December 30th, 2018. Early bird pricing by December 1st, 2018.