Enrol in one of MINDSET’s signature mindfulness courses. Each includes unlimited drop-in classes for the duration of the program.

Currently open for registration

Teacher Training

200-hour program

  • In-depth courses on various meditation practices and techniques
  • Learn to teach and guide meditation and the business skills to go with it
  • Additional modules on optimizing brain health, performance, mindset coaching, philosophy, and Muse™ certification

Mental Edge

4-week program
Includes cognitive assessment

  • Supercharge your mental performance and resilience
  • Suitable for executives, entrepreneurs, and high-performers
  • Includes cognitive assessment testing and consultation call

Reimbursable by insurance

Opening for registration soon

Mindful Foundations

4-week program

  • Better understand the nature of your thoughts and emotions
  • Quiet your inner anxious chatter and reduce chronic stress
  • Learn to finally adopt a daily meditation routine that sticks

Registration closed

Athletic Edge

4-week program

  • Up your mental game through athletic mindfulness training
  • Gain an edge through increased resilience and interoception
  • Maximize the impact of your recovery time through meditation

Registration closed