Take your practice to the next level.

Private experiences for individuals, couples, and small groups.

Enjoy a private and deeply therapeutic meditation experience, or enrol in a private mindfulness journey to specifically work to reduce anxiety, stress, ADHD, or unhappiness. Private sessions still available during studio closure. 

One-off Experiences

A private meditation experience for a special birthday, date night, or event.


Private meditation sessions with your favourite MINDSET teachers, led with personalized guidance tailored to your individual intentions.

$130 base rate + $20 per extra person


One of the most deeply therapeutic experiences you can achieve. Each session will take you on a journey with our highly-trained sound practitioner into the immersive sound of either grounding or uplifting tones, depending on exactly what you need in that moment.

$200 base rate + $40 per extra person
Private Coaching Journeys

Powerful meditative relaxation experiences that release emotional tension and baggage.


Get paired with an expert mindfulness facilitator for 4 weekly sessions that will help you strengthen your meditation practice with clinically-proven exercises and methodology so you can take control of your mental health and strength.

  • Mindfulness for Anxiety*
  • Mindfulness for Happiness*
  • Mindfulness for Resilience
  • Mindfulness for Focus
$440 solo / $520 duo (4 sessions)
*Those struggling with severe depression or anxiety are not recommended for this journey and instead will be referred to a clinical mindfulness program. 

Inquire for details and reservations