MINDSET made headlines nationwide for its first-of-its-kind mental fitness offering – you could have almost called us Toronto’s worst kept secret. Here are some of the nice things people have written about us.

Toronto Star: Meditation, mindfulness and active recovery, welcome to the next fitness wave

“Since joining MINDSET, Kwok has seen a dramatic improvement in his mental health. When he first began in October, the Muse headset alerted him that his mind was wandering more than 100 times in a short session. At his last visit, his mind didn’t wander once, he says. ‘I view it like how I go to the gym,’ he says. ‘It’s training (my) brain to be fully present. I’m not as distracted reading, when I’m studying or even at the gym. I can focus in all other areas of my life.'”

The Globe & Mail: The next hot trend in fitness? Recovery

“Once the realm of hippies and artists, meditation is being hailed by high-achieving athletes, CEOs and academics as an essential key to their success. […] The Muse headband plays a starring role in the newly opened Mindset Brain Gym in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood. A studio devoted entirely to meditation and mindfulness, Mindset offers group classes that cater to specific needs as well as a solo “stillness pod.” I took part in a group class as part of a media preview, and […] I did leave feeling recharged and ready to kick butt.”

National Post: How meditation has become the new fitness trend for the 1 per cent

“At Toronto’s new Mindset Brain Gym, rows of young professionals sit cross-legged under iridescent indigo lights as ocean sounds play in the background and an instructor gently guides them through a 30-minute meditation session.”

Toronto Star: Meditation goes mainstream

“Finnell tells me that ‘entrepreneurs, athletes, business leaders, and high performers’ come here to ‘work out’ at the brain gym and reap the intellectual benefits that regular meditation bestows. Call it mental fitness. ‘Peer-reviewed research that’s been coming out over the past 30 years has shown meditation offers improved focus and working memory,’ he says. ‘We want to help people perform better under pressure. Since the millennial generation has come of age, it’s no longer cool to be burning out — it’s cooler to be happy.'”

Fit City Guide review: 4.5/5

“The concept they’ve brought to life is like nothing else in the city with state-of-the-art meditation rooms and the latest meditation technology set in a modern and futuristic environment. […] The meditation room is pretty epic and filled with the craziest and MOST comfiest ergonomical meditation chairs we’ve ever sat on. […] We felt re-energised, eager to ask questions about our results, and unquestionably relaxed. […] We’re so on board with this new type of gym, and we’re thrilled to give our abs and arms a break and exercise our brain instead. “

Toronto Life: Inside MINDSET, a new brain gym in Yorkville

“the latest way to get into shape is less about physical gains and more about mental stamina. A new meditation-focused gym opened at Bay and Cumberland this summer, and its appeal extends to anyone whose search for enlightenment includes a touch of regimen.”

BizBash: 10 Festive New Venues for 2018 Holiday Parties in Toronto

“For a wellness-focused holiday party, the meditation space Mindset Brain Gym opened in Yorkville in July.”

Retail Insider: MINDSET Brain Gym Opens Inaugural Location and Embarks on Aggressive Growth Strategy

“A new type of gym has opened its doors in Toronto – one that exercises your brain rather than your body. The new concept, called MINDSET Brain Gym, provides meditation classes for busy urban dwellers. And with meditation rapidly growing in popularity, MINDSET is poised to expand quickly to other cities.”

FASHION Magazine: Peter Tunney’s Mindful Art Is on Display in the Perfect Toronto Location

“MINDSET Brain Gym, a place that strives for that same calmness, seems the perfect fit for the message Tunney is trying to convey. The space, which offers guided meditation, is a sanctuary from the busy rush and chaos of everyday life. […] Places like MINDSET Brain Gym and outlets like painting and art are becoming even more important in the world that we live in today. It seems that each year kids are getting more and more stressed.”

BlogTO: Meditation gyms are becoming a thing in Toronto

“Enter Mindset, Yorkville’s newest brain gym. In the summer of 2018, a rash of yoga and meditation studios opened with the promise of harnessing the power of mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety, and boost happiness and productivity. Meditation is no longer the realm of “zen,” hippies and granola: packaging it as a gym brings mindfulness into an everyday context for many.”

Notable Life: Meditation studios are having a moment in Toronto

“Meanwhile in Yorkville, a more tech-focused meditation spot, Mindset Brain Gym opened its doors earlier this month. In this sleek, large spot, you can monitor your meditation process with brainwave sensing technology via a headband worn during class that uses EEG technology to track your brainwaves and breath. With meditation zones bathed in soothing, colour-changing light installations, Mindset offers a more futuristic approach to the ancient practice of meditation.”

Bloor-Yorkville: Train your Brain at MINDSET brain gym

“I was easily able to connect with others in the room and fall into meditation. I did leave feeling relaxed. […] The morning was jam-packed with meetings and the 30 minutes of meditation certainly allowed me to leave any stressors at the space.”

Well TO Do: Here’s Why Brain Day is as Important as Leg Day

“When it comes to your fitness, there’s Leg Day and Back Day, but what about Brain Day? Likely you’re not scheduling in time to work on your most important asset, but you should be.”

ELLE Canada: Top Toronto Beauty and Wellness Destinations

“If Toronto suddenly seems more Zen, it’s thanks to the recent uptick of meditation and wellness spaces like Mindset Brain Gym.”

Best Health Magazine: New Toronto Meditation Studios to Help Recharge Your Mind, Body and Soul

“Looking for an out-of-home meditation experience that’s memorable? Mindset Brain Gym is sure to give you an elevated classroom experience unlike any other.”

TrendHunter: Toronto’s MINDSET Brain Gym Offers Exercises for the Mind

“Toronto’s MINDSET Brain Gym offers a unique take on meditation by offering people a taste of “the mental fitness lifestyle.” […] MINDSET Brain Gym also offers classes that are centered around themes like recovery, creativity, resilience and focus—all of which are beneficial to performing at one’s best during life in a city that is full of stress and stimuli.”

Nanoleaf Blog: How Light Panels Enhance Your Meditation Experience

“When you step into the classroom at MINDSET Brain Gym, you certainly won’t be leaving the same way you came in. Just stepping into the room puts your mind at peace, but meditating in that room is an entirely different world. Listening to the calming sound of the outdoors, breathing in and out, taking your time to just examine what you’re truly thinking so that you can think about nothing at all. Your eyes are closed, and even then you can still sense a wave of blue lights just pulsating in tune with the pattern of your breathing. You’re calm, relaxed, and for the first time in days, you feel at peace.”

Edit Seven: Acupuncture Facials To Brain Gyms: 7 Wellness Centres in Toronto To Try

“Mindset was founded with the belief that many successful (even corporate) people credit meditation with part of their success—meaning you don’t need to be into crystals to reap the rewards of daily mediation. This gym is as outfitted as any Equinox, with lockers, quiet spaces to hang out and kombucha on tap. Plus the space uses Muse—a meditation device that measures your brain activity—to make sure that you’re on track. So if you love stats and measurable progress, this is the spot to meditate.”