Your still space in a nonstop city.

Prefer to meditate on your own, or even just take the best nap of your life? Our Stillness Pod instantly quiets your mind and leaves you recharged, so you can tackle whatever comes your way after.
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Your pod. Your choice.

Choose from MINDSET's signature guided meditations or the soothing sounds of nature.

Signature Guided Meditations


Build the ability to quiet the inner chatter and generate energizing alpha brainwaves that will leave you refreshed and recharged.


Boost the brain muscle of focus. Improve your ability to recognize & reduce distraction. Strengthen focused attention and vigilance.


Lessen the impact of everyday stressors and reduce fatigue. Recognize where you hold tension and release it on demand.

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Bolster divergent thinking and consider new possibilities to old problems. Value the intuition expressed in the present.


Focus on the present moment and minimize worry, anxious rumination, and restless mind-wandering.

The Unexpected

Things rarely go as planned – cultivate flexibility and adaptability in the face of the unexpected and stay on track.

3D Audio Binaural Soundscapes


Ocean Waves

More coming soon