Develop greater self-mastery.

The MINDSET Journal shifts your perspective, promotes daily gratitude, and  cultivates introspection. Available exclusively at MINDSET brain gym.
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Journal every day. Redefine your mindset.

With its unique combination of signature elements, the MINDSET Journal cultivates introspection and allows you to define and shift your mindset, develop your philosophy, and improve your outlook and perspective. Journaling has never been so impactful yet easy to start.

Daily Gratitude

Positive psychology studies have demonstrated the life-changing impact of a daily gratitude routine on one’s well-being.

Healthy Habits

Using the proven don’t break the chain method, start new healthy habits that actually stick.

Self Awareness

With over 100 powerful journaling prompts, clearly uncover unhealthy thinking traps and biases and develop greater self-mastery.


Start every day inspired by a new quote – from stoic philosophers to business icons, learn from some of humanity’s sharpest minds.