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Beginner-friendly guided meditation, breathwork, and yoga classes

Choose from one of a variety of our leading drop-in mental fitness classes whenever you need to train your brain and recharge.

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Learn the theory behind the practice in intimate groups

Our signature multi-week courses are crucial to understanding how mindfulness and the Wim Hof Method can help us perform at our best.

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Immersive live sound meditation

Every Friday night, join us for what could only be described as a spa experience for your brain. You’ve never experienced anything like it.

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A curated afternoon of wellness

Take a “me-day.”  Unwind completely and experience an afternoon of curated mindful relaxation experiences to rejuvenate the mind and body.

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Nourish your mind with these engaging workshops

Foster continuous personal growth.  Learn and experience something new in one of our curated mindful workshops with leading experts.

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When you really need a chill pill

Relax and unwind in our ultra-comfortable zero-gravity recliner and enjoy one of our recorded 20-minute guided meditations and soundscapes.

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