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Gain new mental skills and techniques in our intensive 60-, 90-, and 120-minute workshops, experience immersive mindful events, and join discussion groups in Yorkville’s only mindful community space.

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Scroll Happy

90-min workshop led by Ellie Curry

Addicted to endlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed all day? Do your cortisol levels spike after every notification? Better understand the psychological and philosophical nature of your smartphone addiction, and learn mindfulness techniques and phone hacks to reset and create a healthier relationship with your phone and social media.

$35 Next workshop Sunday, December 16th at 2:30pm.
$0 for MINDSET members & trial members


Essential Oils & the Brain

60-min workshop led by Melissa Leithwood

Discover how to use essential oils for the brain to manage mood and emotions holistically and effectively. You’ll learn the multiple delivery methods for essential oils that allow us to tap into uplifting our emotions, increasing our focus, and facilitating deeper relaxation or meditation. Workshop includes a Wild Orange 5mL essential oil concentrate.

$30 Next workshop Sunday, December 9th at 12pm.
$0 for MINDSET members & trial members


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