1-hour live sound bath

A luxury spa experience for your brain.

Melt away tension and bathe yourself in sound, light, and good vibrations. Immerse yourself in our signature multi-sensory relaxation experience with a live quartz bowl performance from certified Sound Practitioner and recording engineer Ruthann Clayton. Taking place in our renowned meditation room, experience sound like you’ve never before.

$40 Friday evening sessions on March 15th and 29th
Unlimited members can redeem 1 free live session per billing cycle.

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Interactive Workshops & Masterclasses

Upgrade your mindset and transform your life in these powerful interactive workshops and masterclasses facilitated by leading experts from across the city.

Members save between 25-100% on all workshops and masterclasses. 

Interested in going more in depth? Check out our signature courses.

SOULSET: Finding Your Passions

2.5-hour interactive workshop led by Luis Serrano

We’re all searching for that special “something” in our lives and career – purpose, meaning, fulfillment. But what does that all even mean? What if we have no f***ing clue where to even start? Join this interactive workshop that incorporates mindfulness, creativity, positivity and improv to better understand your underlying passions & core values, and gain a better sense of what will maximize your happiness and fulfilment.

$40 Next workshop Sunday, March 10th at 2pm.
50% off for Unlimited members, 25% off for Trial & Mindful members

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Brain Fitness Masterclass

2-hour masterclass led by Jill Hewlett

Join Brain Fitness expert Jill Hewlett for an experiential and educational workshop featuring internationally acclaimed Brain Gym® activities – simple somatic movements that can be used anytime to reduce stress, focus your mind, elevate your energy, and augment your productivity and effectiveness.

$47 Next workshop Saturday, February 23rd at 10am.
Free for Unlimited & Mindful members, 50% off for Trial members

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Goal Mapping System

2-hour interactive workshop led by Nicole Divell

Want to get clear on which direction you’re headed in and where you’re challenging yourself to grow? Ready to take your next idea off the ground and stop wasting time in endless “busy” work? Reflect on current limiting patterns holding you back and learn how to set up a powerful system of monthly goal setting, weekly action planning, and accountability so you can crush your goals.

$35 Next workshop Saturday, March 9th at 3pm.
Free for Unlimited members, 50% off for Trial & Mindful members

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Resilience through Mindfulness

2-hour masterclass led by Sean Finnell

Join MINDSET co-founder and mindful resilience authority Sean as he takes you through a masterclass on building a rock-solid foundation of inner strength and calm. Learn how to develop – through core mindfulness and positive psychology principles – key inner strengths such as grit, gratitude, and self-compassion.

$35 Next session Saturday, April 6th at 3pm
50% off for Unlimited members, 25% off for Trial & Mindful members

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