Superhuman Resilience course

Wim Hof Method Fundamentals with certified Wim Hof instructor Steve Beattie

Realize what you’re truly capable of in this life-changing course. Cultivate superhuman resilience through mastering the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method: breathing, commitment, and cold therapy. Further your knowledge with other powerful breathwork and stretching techniques.

Includes two ice bath experiences and Wim Hof Method Fundamentals certificate of completion.

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“The Wim Hof Method is mindfulness as extreme sport.”


Pioneered by “the Iceman” – holder of dozens of world records in human endurance with feats including the world’s longest ice bath, climbing Everest wearing only shorts, and running a full marathon around the polar circle – the Wim Hof Method is the revolutionary new mental and physical resilience technique that’s taken the world by storm.

The Wim Hof Method is comprised of three pillars: breathwork, cold therapy, and concentration. When adopted together, this powerful combination has the ability to improve nearly every aspect of your life and well-being. A true Wim Hof session, based on ancient practices including the ‘tummo’ meditation style, could best be described as “HIIT” meditation – an active technique that you’ll feel for hours afterwards.


Increased resilience and reduced stress levels
Greater cold tolerance
Increased energy
Better sleep
Heightened focus
Improved sports performance
Increased willpower
Faster recovery
Stronger immune system
Increased productivity

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2-week course

Sunday, September 29th & October 6th: 9:30am-12:30pm


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Understand how your breath works and its impact on every aspect of our mind and body. Learn breathwork techniques and how breath training improves performance.

Understand the anatomy of the respiratory muscles and develop your own personal stretching routine and myofascial release techniques to release tight muscles and tension on demand.

Increase your awareness and conscious control of breath, and understand how to tap into your relaxation response with diaphragmatic and box breathing.

Maximize your breath with the fundamentals of the world renowned Wim Hof breathing technique – learning to powerfully level up your performance, reduce inflammation, and bolster athletic recovery. Then, minimize your breath with the Buteyko Breathing Method and increase your CO2 tolerance, which has an important role in how we handle stress and anxiety.

Sunday, September 29th: 9:30am-12:30pm


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Utilize breath and movement to generate your own body heat, and gain mastery over your own autonomic stress response so you can face our infamous “ice bath.”

Jump in a deep dive into our breath and minds to master our inner resilience through advanced Wim Hof Method techniques, including cold therapy. Understand how to best establish a regular and life-changing breathing practice that will have you feeling energized every day.

Put your new superhuman resilience to the test with 2 ice baths: one 1-minute, and then a final one for 3-5 minutes.  Overcome your body’s autonomic stress response to realize how mentally strong you truly are and just how much is #AllInYourHead.

Sunday, October 6th: 9:30am-12:30pm


Member price of $97. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

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About your facilitator

Steve Beattie is one of the first certified Wim Hof Method facilitators in the country, teaching people across Ontario to rediscover their primal strength and become happy, healthy, and strong. He is a Canadian Wilderness Guide, Personal Trainer, and Fascial Stretch Therapist. 

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