Level up your mental performance.

With MINDSET’s signature 4-week Mental Edge program, learn to supercharge your mental performance and resilience under pressure. Next course begins January 7, 2019.
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Supercharge your mental performance

A unique 4-week mindfulness program derived from best practices in teaching the world’s top performers – from Olympic-level athletes to military forces.


Interoceptive Awareness

Better understand what’s going on internally. Turn inwards and learn to better perceive bodily sensations, cognitive processes, and emotional states to gain greater self-awareness and self-mastery.


Focused Attention

Understand your brain’s default mode network and work to strengthen your mental capacity to increase focus, concentration, resilience to distraction, and immerse in peak performance states such as flow.



Better embrace challenging and high-pressure experiences including stress, fear, failure, and anxiety. Discover how to thrive by grounding yourself, getting out of your own head, working with your emotions and leveraging your strengths.


Inner Narratives

Tame the inner critics that hold you back. Recognize patterns of mental narratives that reduce performance and learn to visualize and embody more effective thought processes for self-improvement and goal attainment.

Clinical-grade cognitive testing

MINDSET offers the same clinical cognitive assessments used by healthcare practitioners across the globe. Using online research-grade tests that have been taken over 8 million times, test your brain to see how your different cognitive functions stack up with the rest of the population.

We test for:

Concentration (attention + response inhibition)

Memory (working + episodic)

Deductive Reasoning

Visuospatial Processing

Then, with a 30-minute private consultation call, a MINDSET mental fitness professional will design a personalized mental workout regimen for you to complement your 4-week program.

Test your response inhibition for free

What’s included in the program

4x 2-hour interactive classes on Monday evenings at 6:30pm-8:30pm

January 7 / 14 / 21 / 28, 2019

Comprehensive cognitive function assessment

30-minute private consultation call


1-month unlimited membership to MINDSET brain gym (value $150)

A new MINDSET Journal (value $29.99)

$297* + HST

Pay in 2 instalments until December 7th. Price rises to $397 on December 31st.

MINDSET members are eligible for a reduced program price of $97. Please contact MINDSET directly if you are interested in enrolling.
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*This course will be offered by a Registered Social Worker (RSW). If you have extended health benefits from your employer for services provided by a RSW, you may be eligible for partial or total coverage of these group mindfulness sessions. Please contact your insurance provider to determine what’s included in your benefits policy. Receipts for insurance will be available upon request.