Quiet the inner chatter. Feel better, every day.

With MINDSET’s signature 4-week Mindful Foundations program, learn the basics of mindfulness, better understand the nature of your thinking, and adopt a lasting meditation routine to reduce stress, strengthen focus, and improve your mental health and well-being.
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Kickstart your meditation practice

MINDSET’s foundational 4-week beginners mindfulness program.

You’ll receive best-in-class guidance and tangible feedback that you need to support your first month of meditating – ensuring that you complete the program with mindfulness meditation integral to your daily routine.


Just Breathe

Learn the basics behind mindfulness meditation and its foundational exercises, understand its effects on the body and mind, and begin to shift your attention to the present moment.


Quieting the Chatter

Better understand how your mind functions and be more aware of wandering, bias, and negative thought patterns. Strengthen your attention – creating space to find the stillness in between your thoughts to foster energy, creativity, and clarity.


Moderating Emotions

Better understand the nature of your emotions, their triggers, and where they can linger in the body in the form of tension and cortisol. Cultivate resilience, confidence and optimism. Stay cool in the face of your greatest challenges.


Building Momentum

Deeply integrate mindfulness into your life to keep up and strengthen your results, better understanding the nature of habit formation. Learn about mindful goal-setting and visualization to make your intentions reality.

Meditation gets tangible

Guided meditations feature the latest in wearable tech: a comfortable Muse brain sensing headband that uses EEG technology to measure and record your brainwaves. MINDSET-exclusive post-session reports precisely measure when you’re allowing your mind to wander, recoveries back to stable calm attention, fidgeting, and even your heart and respiration rates throughout.