Learn what they don’t teach in school.

Multi-week mindfulness courses to learn how to live happier, be less stressed & anxious, and how to build mental strength to better face life’s challenges.

Our popular multi-week courses feature theory on how & why mindfulness concepts work, interactive group discussions, and experiential mindfulness exercises & meditations.

All courses feature a month of unlimited drop-in meditation classes ($120 value)

How to Live Mindfully

Learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness

4-week program, Wednesday evenings

Mindfulness is a powerfully transformative tool, but it’s hard to stick with until we understand what’s actually happening in our brains. In this beginner-friendly course, you’ll learn the basics of mindfulness (how and why it works) and understand how to manage stressful and anxious thoughts.  Learn how to finally stick with a lasting meditation practice that dramatically improve your overall mental health and well-being.

$147 (early-bird) Next course begins February 5th

 Includes one month of unlimited drop-in meditation (value $120)

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How to Stress Less

Using mindfulness and Stoicism to strengthen resilience

4-week program, Tuesday evenings

Often we find ourselves stressed out, dealing with that stress poorly, and letting it damage our mental and physical health over time.  In this insightful beginner-friendly course, you’ll learn about the different types of stress we encounter, understand how to strengthen your resilience, and gain tools to manage stress in the moment.

$197 (early-bird) Next course February 11th

 Includes one month of unlimited drop-in meditation (value $120)

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