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What they don’t teach us in school.

Multi-week mindfulness courses for you to learn how to live happier and build mental strength to better face life’s challenges.
Learn Mindfulness

Mindfulness is notoriously hard to stick with until you understand the how & why of what’s going on in your head. Our signature introductory programs comprise of weekly classes with theory, discussion, and practice that will help you master meditation and integrate mindfulness everyday. By the end of the program, you’ll feel noticeably less stressed and anxious, with more presence and daily focus.

All introductory programs feature unlimited drop-in classes to support your practice throughout the course.

Quieting the Chatter

Introduction to Mindfulness I

4-week program

Learn the basics of how and why mindfulness and meditation works. Understand the nature of your thoughts and emotions, strengthen your self-awareness, and master a lasting meditation practice.
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The Mindful Mindset

Introduction to Mindfulness II

4-week program

Mindfulness is more than just meditation. Discover how to find more presence and calm in everyday life. Learn specific strategies to incorporate mindfulness at work, at home, and with social media.
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Unlock Your Best Self

Live the best possible version of yourself. Programs and seminars to help you grow and strengthen life skills.

How to Stress Less

Using mindfulness and Stoicism to strengthen resilience

4-week program, Tuesday evenings

Often we find ourselves stressed out, dealing with that stress poorly, and letting it damage our mental and physical health over time.  In this insightful beginner-friendly course, you’ll learn about the different types of stress we encounter, understand how to strengthen your resilience, and gain tools to manage stress in the moment.

$197 (early-bird) Next course March 3rd

 Includes one month of unlimited drop-in meditation (value $120)

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