Enrol in one of our signature mindfulness or Wim Hof courses to radically gain more control in your life. Courses feature lecture material, interactive group discussions, and tailored experiential mindfulness, breathwork and self-reflection exercises.

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Superhuman Resilience

The Wim Hof Method, breathwork, and ice baths

2-week course

Realize what you’re truly capable of and radically reshape your body’s stress response.

Join one of Canada’s only certified Wim Hof Method instructors in cultivating superhuman resilience through overcoming mental barriers and mastering breathwork and cold therapy. Experience the infamous ice bath (twice!) to truly put your new superhuman resilience to the test.

$197 Next course begins May 1st

Includes certificate of completion for Wim Hof Fundamentals

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Mental Edge

How mindfulness lets us perform at our best

4-week course

Derived from best practices in teaching mindfulness to the world’s top performers – from elite athletes to military forces – this beginner-friendly course is suitable for high-performers in any field – from executives and entrepreneurs to athletes and dancers.

Learn how adopting mindfulness lets us find our flow, sharpen our edge, and get in the zone when we need to perform.

$297* Next course begins May 13th 

*Reimbursable by most insurance plans
Includes clinical cognitive assessment

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Intro to Mindfulness

It’s time to finally get mindful this summer

4-week course

In this transformative beginner-friendly course, understand the basics of mindfulness and the nature of your thoughts & emotions.

Learn how to finally adopt a lasting meditation practice to reduce your stress and anxiety, think sharper, and improve your overall mental health and well-being.

$197  Next course begins June 5th

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Own your brain

4-week course

Join Dr. Tabrizi to better understand the nature of our brains, nervous system, and stress response.

$147 Next course May 14th

Eligible for federal tuition tax credit

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