Mindful Courses

Enrol in one of our signature mindfulness courses to radically gain more control in your life. Courses feature lecture material, interactive group discussions, and tailored mindfulness and self-reflection exercises.

All courses include an unlimited MINDSET membership for the duration of the program. Existing members (non-trial) are eligible for 10-50% off all courses.

Foundations of Mindfulness

4-week program led by Lara Wharton

Hearing a lot about how much you need mindfulness, but don’t know where to start? In this signature beginners course, learn the basics of mindfulness practice, better understand the nature of your stressful & anxious thinking, and finally adopt a lasting meditation routine. Meaningfully take control of your mental health and well-being, and join a community of individuals in the same situation as you and engage in group discussions.

$247 $197 Next course begins January 30th
Members (non-trial) eligible for 25% off

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Mental Edge

4-week course led by Dylan Zambrano, MSW, RSW

Succumbing to distractions, stress, and perfectionism all dulls our ability to perform at our peak. Learn how mindfulness lets us find our flow, sharpen our edge, and get in the zone when we need to perform. Derived from best practices in teaching the world’s top performers – from elite athletes to military forces – this class is suitable for high-performers from executives and entrepreneurs to athletes and dancers.

$347 $297 Next course begins March 4th
Members (non-trial) eligible for 50% off

Includes clinical cognitive assessment
Reimbursable by most insurance plans

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200-hr Teacher Training 16-week program

200-hour mindfulness teacher training program blends together the latest neuroscience & psychology research, ancient wisdom, technology, leadership principles, and best practices in teaching mindfulness to the high-performers across business and sport. Whether you want to be embarking on a career in meditation leading guided classes and coaching individuals, or just deepening your own personal practice, this course will help you embark on an exciting new career in the fastest-growing trend in fitness.

$2497 Next course begins January 26th
Members (non-trial) eligible for 10% off

Eligible for federal tuition tax credit

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Set your Goals

4-week program led by Nicole Divell

Got big plans for who you want to be in 2019? Ready to take your next big idea off the ground and stop wasting time in “busy” work? Reflect on and unearth current limiting patterns and learn how to set mindful long-term goals. Commit to a system of monthly goal setting, weekly action planning, and accountability.

$197 $147 Next course announced shortly
Members (non-trial) eligible for 25% off

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Stress Less

4-week course led by Sean Finnell

We all have different methods of coping with the stress in our life – none of them healthy, and usually making us feel even worse. Break this cycle for good and change how you respond to life’s high-pressure moments. Cultivate resilience to transform your relationship with stress and anxiety so that it no longer rules you. Identify your triggers and learn stress management techniques to respond rather than react.

$247 $197 Next course announced shortly
Members (non-trial) eligible for 50% off

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