Drop-in Guided Classes

An unparalleled mental fitness experience that you’ll actually stick with. Join drop-in guided meditations and breathwork based on research-grade techniques that melt your stress away and improve focus and well-being.

Enjoy ultra-comfortable ergonomic seating that promotes comfort and optimal posture, a signature blend of diffused essential oils to enhance focus and relaxation, soothing soundscapes, and a captivating light wall that bathes the room in waves of calming colour.

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Weekly Schedule

Book your class up to two weeks in advance. Or reserve the Stillness Room experience.

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Focused attention
Includes Muse headband rental

  • Master your attention & boost productivity
  • Strengthen your resilience to distraction
  • Improve concentration, memory, and brain function

Stress Melt

Body scanMindfulness

  • Activate the relaxation response and melt away stress, anxiety & tension
  • Strengthen your ability to let go of negative thought patterns
  • Master your emotional state and learn to respond over react

Power Breath

Wim Hof breathwork

  • Go deeper into the mind and body with active breathwork
  • Energize yourself and get a heavy natural high of dopamine and serotonin
  • Immediately reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation in the body
  • Increase creativity, productivity, happiness, and energy for the rest of the day


Mindful self-compassion

  • Purge negative thoughts and quiet your inner critics
  • Cultivate gratitude, empathy, and emotional intelligence
  • Practice self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance

Recharge (Express)

Focused attentionFive senses
Includes Muse headband rental

  • Reset, recharge and energize the mind
  • Melt away stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Re-centre and strengthen resilience to distraction


Pranyama breathwork

  • Learn the fundamentals of ‘active meditation’ breathwork
  • Quiet the anxious mind and melt away stress
  • Get focused, recharged, and energized



  • Understand the nature of our thoughts & emotions
  • Explore different mindful practices and their effects
  • Learn how to better embrace mindfulness outside of meditation



  • Embrace an energizing form of aspiration & intention
  • Strengthen self-awareness through contemplation
  • Utilize visualization and manifestation techniques


Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Melt stress away and learn techniques to release muscle tension
  • Improve your brain’s inherent ability for restful sleep
  • Quiet the mind and stop anxiety and rumination

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Join the community and keep up the accountability of a regular mindfulness practice with 4 classes per month and discounts on our events & workshops.


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 Unlimited Stillness Room Sessions
Up to 50% discount on courses, workshops, and events

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Come meditate every day and embrace a more mindful lifestyle with our most popular unlimited plan.


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10% off all retail products and private instruction
Free clinical cognitive assessment and 15-minute consultation call to craft a personalized mental fitness routine

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* Memberships billed monthly ($50/mo for Mindful and $140/mo for Unlimited).

Memberships are commitment-free and can be put on hold or cancelled at any time.

Unused benefits do not roll over month-to-month.

Are student discounts available?

Yes, all University of Toronto and Ryerson University students are eligible for 20% off all membership tiers and class packs. Please visit us in the studio with a valid student ID to have this discount apply.

Are corporate rates available?

Please check with your company's HR department if a corporate rate has been set up. If you are looking to set up a rate, please contact us.

MINDSET memberships are available on a variety of wellness platforms such as the League Marketplace.

Meditation gets tangible.

Certain classes feature the latest in wearable tech: a comfortable Muse brain sensing headband that uses EEG technology to measure and record your brainwaves. This precisely measures when you’re allowing your mind to wander and your recoveries back to stable calm attention.