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Meditation for busy people.

Beginner-friendly drop-in classes led by highly-trained facilitators.
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Guided “HIIT” Breath + Music

A “HIIT” meditation experience based on the renowned Wim Hof Method. If you struggle with traditional mindfulness, you’ll find this style immediately transformative.

  • Immediately energize your mind & body while releasing stress & anxiety
  • Open your mind to new possibilities with a creativity boost
  • Maximize athletic respiratory performance
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Music + Guided Breath

A member favourite, this conscious-connected breath class releases your emotional tension with an active meditation style and an powerfully immersive musical journey.

  • Release any pent-up anxiety, stress, anger, and sadness
  • Feel immediately refreshed and leave each class floating
  • Enjoy a curated and different musical journey each class
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Mindful Self-Compassion

Embrace your inner human. Exercise self-love in this contemplative class with a clinically-proven mindful self-compassion meditation.

  • Silence inner critical narratives and negative thoughts
  • Strengthen self-compassion, proven by clinical research to meaningfully strengthen resilience to stress & anxiety in the long-term
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and empathy towards others
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Chill and be still. This relaxing mindfulness-based class explores different meditation styles to feel relaxed, calm, and collected.

  • Tame your racing, anxious thoughts and find stillness in the present
  • Strengthen the mind-body connection and release stress-induced tension
  • Learn how mindfulness can strengthen resilience to stress
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Sound Bath 

Fight off the “Sunday scaries” with this massage for your mind and soul. This premium evening experience will effortlessly transport you to a place of stillness and relaxation.

  • Let the powerful vibrations of the quartz crystal bowls, drums, and gongs effortlessly melt away your tension, stress, anxiety, sadness, or resentment
  • Reset and achieve emotional balance
  • Elevate your consciousness in a deep theta wave state
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Mindfulness with Muse® headbands

Master your mind with Toronto’s only drop-in mental workout. Based on clinically-proven mindfulness meditation, this class strengthens your brain in the long-term.

  • Improve your concentration, memory, and productivity for work or school
  • Strengthen your long-term resilience to stress and anxiety
  • See tangible improvement with Muse® brain sensing headbands that track how often your mind wanders and how much time you spent focused
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