Unlock your potential. Melt away stress.

Find your chill and train your brain to live life at the next level.

Conquer stress, anxiety, distractions, and brain fog with easy, accessible, and elevated power breathwork and mindfulness meditation led by Toronto’s premier facilitators.

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Backed by science.

Don’t worry, you won’t find any “woo-woo” here. Just mental and breathing exercises that have been clinically proven to bring real-world results.

Improve your mental health. Stress sucks, and it isn’t healthy. Decades of clinical research has demonstrated that breathwork and mindfulness- & compassion-based meditation is a powerfully effective tool at reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

An all-natural focus booster. Gains in concentration, working memory, and resilience to distractions are evident after just a few days of undergoing the ‘focused attention’ exercise that’s used in our Focus and Recharge drop-in classes. A recent study even found test scores to increase by 13% after just two weeks of training.

An anti-aging serum for your brain. The brain naturally shrinks with age. Studies demonstrate mindfulness meditation is effective mental exercise for preventing cognitive decline in older age. The brains of long-term meditators were even found to look over 7 years younger on average.