Come breathe with us.

Recharge and master your mind with modern meditation.

We’re on a mission to empower hard-working Torontonians to conquer their stress & anxiety and enhance their mental performance.  Strengthen resilience, focus, and recovery with beginner-friendly guided breath and mindfulness classes in our Yorkville flagship studio.

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Our signature beginner’s course

How to Live Mindfully

A 4-week beginner-friendly mindfulness course that includes weekly theory and a month of unlimited drop-in classes.

It’s time to embrace mental fitness.

Backed by neuroscience & positive psychology.

Meditation and breathing exercises clinically proven to bring real-world results.

Take control of your mental health. Stress and anxiety sucks, and it isn’t healthy. Decades of peer-reviewed research has demonstrated that breathwork and mindfulness- & compassion-based meditation is a powerfully effective tool at reducing stress and anxiety.

An all-natural focus booster. Gains in concentration, working memory, and resilience to distractions are evident after just a few days of undergoing the ‘focused attention’ exercise that’s used in our Focus drop-in class. A recent study even found test scores to increase by 13% after just two weeks of training.

An anti-aging serum for your brain. The brain naturally shrinks with age. Studies demonstrate mindfulness meditation is effective mental exercise for preventing cognitive decline in older age. The brains of long-term meditators were even found to look over 7 years younger on average.